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    My house was built in 1952. I'm not sure if any plumbing work has been done since. There are a couple of small problems. The first is the rust. Any faucet that is turned on anywhere will spit out rusty water for the first 3 or 4 seconds. The water seems to be fine after that. However, the second problem is that we can see small sediments in the water afterwards.
    Any suggestions?

    Do you think this will require replumbling the whole house, or just new fixtures and a house filter?


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    You should get a good plumber to come in and evaluate the situation. Do you have a boiler? How old is the hot water tank? Does the rusty water happen with both cold and hot water? Do you have sediment pots that need cleaned out? These are a few of the questions a plumber can answer and resolve.


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    i agree with calcats regarding the hot water tank, it could very well be corroding. one thing to try first is to drain the hot water tank, the bottom is probably full of sediment and rust. there's a spigot on the bottom that you can hook a garden hose up to and run it outside. the bottom of the tank gets stirred up whenever the water is turned on, the water enters the tank on the bottom via a pipe on the top of the unit. then, as the water is heated it rises and leaves through the top of the tank. if that doesn't work, then the other possibility is that the house has a galvanized water main going out to the street which could be corroding or corroded and picking up dirt from underground. but my first guess would be the hot water tank.

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