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    Default New strike plates

    We would like to replace our warped and damaged interior doors along with their hardware. The new strike plates are a different shape than the original. Does anyone know a good way to fill the old strike plate mortises that will not eventually show cracks? We will be painting the jambs.

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    Wink Re: New strike plates

    When you make your plugs make sure they are as tight as possible and fill the edges with a good wood putty. After you plug the door and putty it let it sit for a few days and check it again, you may find the putty has shrunk and needs another application. Make sure you don't leave any holes after sanding and you should be ok.


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    Default Re: New strike plates

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    Default Re: New strike plates

    Hi Rebinna,

    Hey,You have to used old plates without any crack ,that's great idea.When you fit that plates as tight as possible and paint the edges with combination of colour. By doing this you can't differentiate the new and old one.Make sure you don't leave any holes.If you find any help ,post me question.


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