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    Default Noisy plumbing wall

    Each time I turn on the fixtures in the 2nd floor bathroom, I am unable to listen to the TV in the living room because of the noise generated behind the wall at the 1st floor level. This inconvinience has made me not to use the 2nd floor bathroom whenever there are guests in the house. How can I fix or rectify this problem?
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    Default Re: Noisy plumbing wall

    one way would be to open up the wall where the pipes are, refasten them and insulate the wall cavity as best as you can. i ran the main drain stack through the bathroom below and made a box around the pipes so that i could insulate the hell out of the pipes. now when you're in the downstairs bathroom and someone is taking a bath above you, you can barely hear a thing on the water supply side or the drain side.

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