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    Default Flagstone on concrete

    I have an old concrete patio that I'd like to resurface using flagstone from another project. What is the best way to adhere the stone to the concrete? I live in the mountains, so our temperature in the winter can get to 45 below. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Flagstone on concrete

    I don't see any reason to adhere it to the concrete surface and would use a thin layer of stone dust (not sand!), just enough to level out any irregularities on the back of the flagstone and keep you from feeling like Tipsy Mc Stagger when walking on them.

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    Wink Re: Flagstone on concrete

    If you want to make it last, use mortar just like when you lay brick! It will adhere, and unless you have a place for water to get between the concrete and flagstone the weather won't bother it.


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    Arrow Re: Flagstone on concrete

    You can also treat the flagstone as if it were pavers, and follow paver instructions which your concrete would be your compacted foundation, then lay the flagstone, use polymer sand (special for paver projects) to fill the cracks, then it pretty much sets like mortar, but better.


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