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    If there is no other issue with the tiles (ie broken, chipped, or loose) then I see no need to remove them. The shims are a convenient non-scratching scr@ping tool and kind of 'rub and roll up' silicone, thus removing it. They do pretty good with other caulk removal situations too. My personal experience with silicone is opposite of a.spruce but we'll just have to agree to disagree there- you're not going to easily convince either of us otherwise!

    The main things are to remove as much of the old caulk as possible, clean extremely well, but mostly find and mitigate the moisture issue that brings this problem on. Stopping the cause stops the problem = problem fixed. Not doing that = failed patching.


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    Default Re: Continuously mold tub caulk

    We had the same problem and it took a lot of work to remove the silicone like A. Spruce said. I used vinegar after cleaning to kill any mold and let it dry 4 days before applying latex tub caulk. This worked and I have not had any problems in the past year.

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