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    Default Interior door, foam insulation

    We have a Bilco steel storm door leading to basement. The interior door is 36x80x1-3/8 standard interior hollow door.

    I am considering using a foam insulation ("Great Stuff" 12oz can, $4.98) to make the door more energy efficient.

    Is this a good idea? Do I risk over expanding foam which may damage the door?
    My current plan is take door off hinge, drill the 1-3/8 side, top, middle and bottom and spray foam in.

    How many cans of foam will it take - store clerk suggested 3 or 4?

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    Default Re: Interior door, foam insulation

    The problem I see with your method is that a "hollow core" door isn't really hollow inside... they have a honeycomb structure inside to hold the two outer panels together and give the door some strength... drilling holes in the edge and putting expanding foam into those holes isn't going to fill much beyond the hole... I think the better option in your case, since your dealing with a standard sized door, is to just replace it.

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