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    Default Range hood question....

    Hi all, just ahve a quick question. We have a 100 year old bungalow kitchen with no range hood or cabinets to mount one to over where we have range set up. What we do have is an old 8" Mercury vent fan (with no fan, but good wiring and a clear shot to the roof cap) up in the ceiling almost directly over the range, but about 32 inches out from the wall.

    I'd like to know what some cheap options are for putting up a hood? Would a wall-mount be okay, and just run a flexible duct pipe up to the ceiling opening? We don't mind some exposed ductwork if it serves the purpose we need it to.


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    Default Re: Range hood question....

    You could install a hanging hood. That is one that is mounted to a duct pipe going to the ceiling.
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