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    Unhappy ceiling installation

    We have an older home built around 1930. It is a cottage type, bungalow home. We want to install knotty pine tongue and groove boards (not the wainscotting type) for a ceiling. However, the joists are not 2 x 6's, they are 2 x 4's. We need your suggestions. HELP!

    1. We have a wood stove installed through a fireplace
    2. The dry walls have been removed and we installed tongue and groove.
    3. The electrician installed wiring, and hung the boxes without the lights of course.
    4. We have slanted ceilings.
    5. We are planning to insulate the ceiling. t
    6. The spacing between the so called studs (joists) are 16" in some and 24" in others.
    7. The outside of house is redwood.
    Hope this info helps....

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    Default Re: ceiling installation

    I don't understand the problem. doesn't seem to be one. Why can't you nail the planks to the 2x4 ceiling and walls?? You afraid of too much weight pulling on the 2x4's??
    We'd need to know the spans of the 2x4's to determine that,Whatcha got for roof rafters btw?
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