My husband and I were recently married. For better or worse, the baggage that came with has been relatively easy to deal with and the transition has been a pleasant one... mostly. My darling husband brought into our marriage an addition to our tiny family that I thought would be easy to love, cherish and help grow... but a 104-year-old Victorian is a bigger project than this first timer had expected. The home has so much potential and charm, but with big projects that may require quite a bit of money, we are beginning to get overwhelmed. We are prepared to dig in and turn this pleasant disaster into a fantastic home. As of right now, we are in the planning stages of a remodel and, this, dear friends, is where I come to you.

Every day we see things about dealing with small spaces and keeping them neat and trim as well as inviting... but what if said small space was a kitchen that runs roughly 80 square feet and has 9 a foot ceiling with cabinets that there is no way on earth my little 5'6" frame could dream of using? The huge ceilings run clear through the house, but we are looking at options that will enhance that in every other room, but nothing is jumping at us for said kitchen. We want to put in a good sized island as the kitchen is an almost perfect square with little counter space. But those blasted cabinets are just an eye sore. If there are any ideas or advice out there, feel free to throw them our way. The house is currently being rented while we are temporarily living out of the area and this seems like an ideal time to get the planning portion knocked out. Thanks for any available help!