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    Default what's best way to cut PEX?

    Im replacing my kitchen sink faucet and the current connection is PEX right up to the faucet. New faucet has supply hoses with 3/8 compression fittings so Im thinking of cutting the PEX off just after the shut-off valve and then attaching some sort of PEX-to-compression adapter so I can hook up the supply lines to the new faucet. Im not sure how to cut the PEXuse a tube cutter or just a utility knife or what? I may want to use a sharkbite connector after I cut it..

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    Default Re: what's best way to cut PEX?

    Most tubbing cutters will not cut Pex unless they have a plastic wheel. Which is taller and will cut deeper. You can use a utility knife just make sure the cut is square and no burr's if using a sharkbite. Good luck.

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