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    Default Walkway Advice - Drainage and Erosion

    I would like to put a walkway down the side yard which does not get much sun and has been a muddy mess since we moved in two years ago. We have a huge problem with erosion as the yard slopes down toward the back of the yard (that backs up to a creek). I have tried researching pavers and can't find anything that provides enough information. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of pavers I should use for the 2.5 ft wide, 60 ft long walkway that wouldn't wash away and would let the water continue to drain downhill? I am anticipating planting a great deal of shade plants along the walkway to help with the erosion problem from that end. Any help or advice would really be appreciated!

    Oh, and a little additional information... you can tell they have already tried grass and it washed away and I can currently see the landscaping cloth that they had put down before we purchased.

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    Default Re: Walkway Advice - Drainage and Erosion

    Depending on the total height of the drop from the front to the back of the area you describe, it sounds like you should consider using several small sets of steps terraced into the walkway.
    Depending on the actual height of the slope, you could do a set of 2 or 3 or 4 steps, then a short walkway of pavers leading to another set of steps, repeating the process until you get to the "bottom" of the slope. Using steps helps reduce the height so that you can have shorter runs of pavers with less slope between each set of steps. (Start at the bottom and work your way up)
    This is what I am in the process of completing at my new home. The first 30 feet of my slope only drops about 2 ft in height, So I have left that upper 30ft alone for now. After that upper section, the slope drops about 10 feet in height over a distance of about 35 feet. There I am using a crushed granite stone for the walkway instead of pavers inbetween the sets of steps that are in place. In the sections I have completed I have no erosion issues during heavy rain.
    Hope this helps!
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    Wink Re: Walkway Advice - Drainage and Erosion

    If you have that much water that you are worried about the pavers moving, why consider using them? I would pour a concrete sidewalk and eliminate the problem, and you won't have to worry about the sidewalk washing away. Get a good cement contractor and forget about the problem for the next 15 years.


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    Default Re: Walkway Advice - Drainage and Erosion

    This past fall, a contractor was re-doing our neighborhood park with new playground equipment and new sidewalks. I was out walking with my dog and did the friendly thing of saying "hello". The older gentleman was a fountain of information, most of which didn't mean squat to me because I'm not involved with getting contracts from the city to re-do city parks! But, he was raving about the new concrete mixture they were going to use to re-do the sidewalk. He said that they were using a "green" sidewalk -- the material, not the color. He said that it was a different mixture than usual that was "airier" and would allow the water to funnel down through the sidewalk instead of running off into the street. He said that when they finished pouring it and it cured, that it would look a lot like the sidewalks of old -- with the bumpier, more gravelly appearance on the top. With plenty of ran in your area and a run-off problem, it might be worth calling around locally to ask about the "green" concrete.

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