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    Default Water Leaking from???

    I am a first time home owner and recently bought a 1963 split level home in foreclosure. On afternoon when cleaning the basement I noticed that although no water was running, my meter pointer kept moving; I gave it a while to see if the hot water tank was filling; but yet the pointer kept moving. I finally turned off the main valve and the pointer did stop; however there is water draining into the utility sink in the basement still. I could hear water by the utility sink, until I turned off the main valve. Where could this water be coming from? I don't hear any of my toilets are running.

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    I'm confused also about the bit about the utility sink----you'll have to check each component in the house that uses water---turn each one off & see if you can stop the needle turning on the main valve---start with the water supply to the toilets---the ballcock valve in the toilet tank can leak water that travels down the overflow tube without making any noise---or the overflow tube could have a hole (rusted out) at the bottom.

    Keep at it & don't let this go---this will double your water bill if it's not found.
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    Howdy is there a hose from the water heater into the sink.? If water running out then the pressure release on the water heater is malfunctioning most likley.

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