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    Default Remove swanstone shower suround

    I am going to be helping a friend remove a Swanstone shower suround and basin. The intent of the removal is to be able to re-install it in a different bathroom. Is there a prefered method for doing this?

    The suround is made up of three sheets of swanstone that are attached to green board with mastic. The green board is attached to wood studs with dry wall screws. The green board stops at the top edge of the swanstone.

    The sheets are roughly: 2 @ 32x72 and 1 @ 48x72

    Thanks for the input

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    Default Re: Remove swanstone shower suround

    I would try to remove green board and all from the studs and then try to take the green board off in chunks. otherwise you will end up breaking your shower surround. your shower surround is basically a dense plastic and it will flex a little but when it snaps there won't be a lot of warning it will just go. it will be a lot easier to replace the drywall, because it would be severly damaged anyway.

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    Default Re: Remove swanstone shower suround

    I have removed a couple cultured surrounds, one came out without problem, the second one of the panels broke. Basically, it will be a crap shoot whether you'll be able to salvage it or not IF you pull it from the tub side. If you go at it as Havana suggests, removing everything from the back you'll likely have better success.

    The determining factor of whether the surround will come off the wall or not will be the quantity of mastic used to secure it AND the integrity of the wall surface behind it. Removing the pan should be no more difficult than removing any typical pan cultured/molded pan. Disconnect the drain, pull any fasteners around the drip edge at the top of the pan and it should lift out with relative ease.
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