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    Default Glass-smooth mahogany finish?

    I'm in a bad situation...I bought a special-order solid mahogany door from one of the more popular home improvement stores. The display door had a glass-smooth finish, I'm assuming that before they applied the stain they filled the pores with black resin.

    The door that was delivered didn't have the fill process done, so all of the pores dip in, giving the door a very, very deeply grained finish. The company who made the door is saying that they don't do this fill process, and are unwilling to do anything but give us $500 back or a full refund (if we give back the door).

    We LOVE the door, and want to keep it, but also want to make it the glass-smooth finish that we wanted. We're wondering if there is a way to fill the pores without sanding off the finish (it's been stained and poly-sealed).

    Any input that you guys have would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: Glass-smooth mahogany finish?


    You are correct in assuming that the grain would normally have been filled before the staining and finishing process. There are paste type grain fillers which are squeegeed into the grain, allowed to set and then sc****d off with excelsior (schredded wood, kind of like wooden steel wool). This fills the grain prior to staining. It is possible that color was added to the filler to obtain a black grain. It is a labor intensive process.

    I know of no way to completely get rid of the grainy look. Additional layers of varnish to a horizontal door would probably help, but not completely the grain. Also, to retain obtain that glass smooth look, the varnish would probably need to be sprayed on rather than brushed. It sounds like you are trying to get the look of a 1960's Grundig radio or an old Mercedes dashboard

    It does sound like false presentation when the store displays a door one way and then delivers another!

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