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    Default Underground PVC Pipes

    I live in AZ and have underground PVC pipes from the well to the house. I've had 6 leaks in the past two months. The first leak was at a joint connected with electrical conduit. Others occurred where the person reused the PVC pipe. Now I've noticed that the pipes aren't straight. The most recent leak was at a straight connection but the pipes met at an angle. The coupler between these pipes cracked in the middle. I suspect this happened because the two pipes weren't straight and the pressure forced the coupler to crack and then leak. Do PVC pipes need to be completely straight and aligned for them to seal properly? The person making the repairs says no.

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    The pipes don't have to be straight, but you also don't want them under tension while the joint is being made or curing. Once everything is cured and solid, then some bending and tension is inevitable when the pipe is buried.
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    Default Re: Underground PVC Pipes

    Howdy baghdadplumber, for main supply line what DR would you use for 160 psi PE pipe under street and 60 foot to home If you cannot afford soft copper?

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    I would use poly and save the added expense of the soft copper. We have poly lines that have been in the ground for over 20 years without any problems.
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