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    Question Sticky Latex Paint

    I recently painted a folding table for camp use with latex paint. After almost two weeks the parts stick together. I have found out that latex paint will always stay sticky/tacky. Stripping the table would be very difficult. Does anyone know of a method to cure the stickiness?

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    Default Re: Sticky Latex Paint


    Short of stripping the whole table, I would first try re-painting at least those areas which come in contact when it is folded up with a match color of oil enamel. Oil enamels dry much harder than latex paints without that tacky feeling. At this point, you have nothing to lose.

    It is for this very reason that I discourage my customers from using acrylic (latex) paints on furniture. In fairness, there are now water soluable paints which do not have this tackiness. They are generally catallized paints and not available at the "big box" stores.

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