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    Default Re: Venting a furnace

    Let us know how it goes. I am interested in what they say.
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    Default Re: Venting a furnace

    The township inspector doesn't have any problem venting a double-wall pipe outside the house and up. He made us aware of how far things need to be away from combustibles, but beyond that, we're okay to go ahead.

    Basically, we either tear down the masonry chimney and rebuild it with masonry blocks, or we tear down the masonry chimney and rebuild it with a double-walled piping system and box it in (like they do with the stuff sticking out of the roof tops for those pipes that go through houses). This is a single story area, so we're looking at about a 15 foot chimney.

    We haven't moved forward because we're just not sure what the best way is. It seems crazy that a block chimney should cost $2K or more. The piping is cheaper, and we can do it ourselves.

    We're getting quotes from chimney and masonry people, but we're also pricing out the piping on our own. Has anyone used Selkirk pipes? Is there anything we need to know beyond what we've studied?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GF08 View Post
    At this point we're not concerned with how pretty something looks. We've bought an old house that hasn't been kept up for many years. A pipe on the outside is the least of our concerns. We're talking about safety and functionality at this point. If we can put the pipe on the outside, and then later on, when we reside the house, build a "covering" of sorts for it, great.

    We're looking at the best, safest and most inexpensive way to vent our furnace. Cosmetics be damned! That's a future expense.
    The damage to the chimney was from that lack of a liner (for years). Now that the furnace (and hopefully the water heater) are vented into the new liner the deterioration will stop. I would "coat" the chimney. It looks like it was done once. It just needs a touch up here and there.

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