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    Default need structural advice

    I am restoring an old house in Georgia and need to reinforce the upstairs floors. Right now the 2x6 floor joists span 16' 24" on center and I need to get to a 50 psf floor. I would like to do it without putting beams and posts downstairs. What I have in mind is sistering the joists but I can't find span tables for 2, or 3, or even 4 ply 2x6 spanning 16 feet.

    Anyone know how I can figure this one out?

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    Default Re: need structural advice

    that's a big span and i guess that you would need more than 4 sistered to each other. i did a job once where i had to call in the building inspector and i ended up having to sister 5 2x8's in several locations for the proper support. my advice would be to consult the local building inspector and get his take on this.

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