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    Default 1857 home. Need to insulate...everything!

    I have an 1857 fieldstone home in Ontario which I had planned to insulate...doing interior(exterior) walls. Most of the walls are hair/lathe/plaster. I have no idea what is underneath and I had planned to take down all the walls, insulate and drywall. Does anyone know what I could expect to find? I was told today, just before I started taking down the first of many walls, that perhaps there is a danger of asbestos? Is this true? I don't know who else to ask or how to find out.
    Thank you for any and all information and assistance.

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    Default Re: 1857 home. Need to insulate...everything!

    It's worth checking for asbestos. Just go ****** and find a nearby testing center, then take samples from around the house and put them in a plastic bag and send it in. They should be able to email you the results.

    That being said, asbestos was mostly used in popcorn or other textured wall treatments, not flat plaster.

    Remember that if you put in insulation it will move your finished wall out, maybe quite a bit. Make sure this won't interfere with doorways and stairs, etc.

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