My husband and I are wanting to re-do our ONLY shower (tub combo) in the house. We have looked into Bath Fitter and Re-Bath which were both quoted around 3500-3800. To me, that is just rediculous for a giant piece of plastic.

I've been considering just remodeling the tub/shower wall completely. Just epoxying the tub white, and ripping out the old walls and putting up cement board with new tile over it.
The only problem is, I think there may be a chance of some old water damage behind the tile that is up right now. If we did one of the Bath Fitter type companies, anything they find, they fix at no extra cost...

I feel stuck. I don't know what would be a better decision. My husband and his dad would be the ones doing the work if we do it ourselves and are very handy guys who have re-done the kitchen etc.

Any advice???