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    Default Tank not filling

    We just moved into a new house and are having problems with the basement toilet. When you flush the toilet the tank does not fill up. The only way I can get the tank to fill up is to turn the water off to the toilet, then turn the water off to the sink and then turn the water back on to the toilet. It does not fill up if I turn the water to the toilet off and back on again. Any thoughts??

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    Default Re: Tank not filling

    It sounds like there may be some debris caught in the toilet line. Turn off the water, disconnect the supply line to the toilet and put the end into a bucket, then turn the angle stop back on. If you have good pressure here, then the obstruction may be in side the toilet tank refill mechanism.

    Without water running, turning on/off the supply line in the kitchen should have no bearing on whether the toilet tank in the basement fills or not. IF the kitchen water was running at the time, it could result in reduced pressure to the basement and that may affect the filling of the toilet.
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