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    Question toilet not flushing properly

    Our toilet (low volume flush) suddenly has stopped flushing properly. When I flush, the water leaving the tank doesn't keep the flapper up long enough for the toilet to fully flush. I tried a new flapper, and it didn't change anything. (If I hold the handle down for several seconds, the toilet flushes as it should.) Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: toilet not flushing properly

    First check the full level to make sure it is correct. If you have a Styrofoam float on the chain above the flapper, remove the retaining disk and move it down the chain a half and inch at a time until it flushes properly. If you don't have a float above the flapper, try shortening the chain so there is very little slack when the flapper is closed.

    There are also adjustable flappers that you can dial the length of flush.
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    Default Re: toilet not flushing properly

    its always good to go for professional help, you normally get these problems with time

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