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    Unhappy dirty ole fireplace clean out

    bought a 120 year ole home in Waterloo Ontario. While cleaning out basement (prepping for office area), uncovered a hole in the wall. I reached in and up -bad mistake: found myself COVERED with old soot, brick remnants, crap etc etc. it's a disgusting and seemingly unending deluge! The chimney and fireplace is long gong btw. Should I:
    cover it up and forget about it? or
    suck it up and clean it out? (health risks??)

    thanks gang!!


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    Default Re: dirty ole fireplace clean out

    If the chimney is gone and there is no chance of water (rain) getting in, I would just seal it up. If the chimney is still there, I would clean it out, it can hold a lot of moisture and eventually cause the base of the chimney to start to deteriorate.
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