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    Im building an addition 32'by 24',on the front (southside) of the addition I want to install fake windows that look real. Something that I can fasten to the exterior sheeting without cutting any holes in the walls. This side of my house gets driving winds and direct sunlight. I want to minamize heat gain and air infultration.does anyone know were I might purchase a window like this? or has anyone seen this application before?


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    Well, I've never heard of anything like a faux window where the window was actually something you install or place on the side of the house.

    I've thought about doing something similar when I was designing and addition and I wanted the wall space but the space was the front of the house and thought it would look odd without windows.

    When I thought about this, I wasn't thinking about any special type of window, but building a faux window (trim it out), and of course, painting the "glass" a color that would look like glass. Sort of need some artistic abilities here. If you have separate panes of glass (grills), you could use the grills on the outside (I suppose). Not sure how long they would last. I assume they would last pretty long if painted well, etc.

    If your house has shutters, you could possibly build a frame and place the shutters inside the frame, as if the shutters were closed/protecting the windows. Hmmm...actually, you could install real windows and real shutters to solve your problem, couldn't you? Not sure where you live and if this is a style you like...but isn't this the reason for shutters?
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