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    Default shower wallboard

    i live in house built 1950's tub/shower wall surround, it is green in color and we would like to replace, (not in green) in keeping with the style of house. where can i get exact or similar product

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    Default Re: shower wallboard

    Because we can't see it it's hard to answer that question. I would Suggest you go to any big box store (Homedepot, Lowes, Etc) and ask to look at tube surrounds for a start.
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    Is it ugly? I can't stand most "surrounds". Most all the ones I've seen..even expensive ones look cheap to me..probably b/c there's little to no craftsmanship in them...least the one's I've seen and I've seen a lot of em'.
    If it were me I'd rip it down and put up cement boards and start tiling with something appropriate to your home.
    Thats just me though
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