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    Default DIY exterior faucet installation? Need advice

    My best friend lives in a modular home and has no exterior faucet. She has put in some lovely beds for perennial flowers, but needs a faucet for watering them. I am guessing that she probably has galvanized pipes. Though I am up to snuff on copper and PVC, I have never done much with galvanized plumbing. This should not be an overwhelming task, but I would sure appreciate some advice!

    Our plan is to install an access hatch somewhere on her house skirting that will make the shut off easily accessible for winterizing. I would like to Tee off the main house line there and install a shut off right at the Tee. Then she can open the hatch, turn off the water, and open the faucet at the end of the run to drain it for winter each fall. The biggest hitch is that the shut off needs to be something that can be easily reached without having to crawl under the house. Ideally, I would like to switch to 3/4" PVC after the shut off for ease of installation and expense. This line would only be in use during warm months so I am not sure of the necessity of using copper or other product.

    Any thoughts? Suggestions? We deeply appreciate your input. This is a project that is well within my DIY skillset, however, her husband is sort of a loose cannon. If I mess up his plumbing, I may need to relocate! LOL

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