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    Default Dual flush toilet adapter

    Last year when we visited Israel, we saw that most toilets were dual-flush types - two buttons - one for a small flush for liquids and paper, another for a bigger flush for solids. I thought this was a great idea in this water-short country.

    I saw a dual-flush adapter at the home improvement store and thought I would try it - you replace the flush valve with this thing, and replace the handle with this dual-button.

    I installed the first one in about 20 minutes, the second one in about five minutes, and after a week, I'm very pleased with it.

    They claim it saves up to 70% of your toilet's water consumption.

    So far, so good, I'm very pleased with it. It cost about $18.

    You can read more about it at: http://www.gomjsi.com/hr/

    Ron Rothenberg
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    Default Re: Dual flush toilet adapter


    Cut it 3 times & it's still to short.
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