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    Default Painting Shake Siding

    We will be repainting the cedar shake siding on our 77-year-old home. It is already painted but is past due for a re-paint.

    I put primer on a repaired area and realized how much work (and finger blisters) it took to get the paint in-between all the little spaces between each shake. Doing the entire 1-1/2 story house is daunting to say the least.

    Anybody have any good tips/tools on how to effectively and thoroughly paint between the shakes? Thanks

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    Default Re: Painting Shake Siding

    Consider renting a paint sprayer....

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    Default Re: Painting Shake Siding


    Unfortunately, I know of no silver bullet which makes painting shingles fun and fast. Spraying alone does not get into all the cracks and crevasses inherent with shingles. Spraying along with back brushing would speed up the process considerably. However, you still have to jamb the stain or paint into those areas. Also, The bottom edge of shingles is endgrain wood. Spraying alone will not get the coating sufficiently onto this endgrain. It has to be scrubbed in with a brush.
    There are brushes made specially for staining. Generally, they have shorter and stiffer bristles to help you scrub the paint into the grooves. If you are using a water based product, you will use a synthetic bristle brush, as a natural bristle brush quickly goes limp in water. An oil based paint or stain can be applied with either a natural or synthetic bristle brush.

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