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    Default Textured Ceiling Crack Repair

    I own a house built in 1965. The popcorn textured drywall ceiling has multiple settling cracks in just about every room. The cracks range in length from 2 inches to 2 feet. What is the best way to repair these cracks? In order to tape the cracks, I would have to sc**** and sand down the popcorn texture. This popcorn is not like modern popcorn, it is not very deep, but it is very hard. It doesn't just flake off by hitting it. Is there some alternative to taping? If I have to tape, how can I best blend in a new popcorn texture?

    If this question has been answer before, please point me to the thread.

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    Default Re: Textured Ceiling Crack Repair

    The texture has probably been painted, making it harder to remove. The fix for the cracks is to sc**** the ceiling as smooth as possible and tape them. The fix for blending the texture is to sc**** the entire ceiling, and retexture. IMHO, it would be best to sc**** and float the ceiling smooth, then texture with orange peel or knock-down and abandon the acoustic texture all together.
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    Default Re: Textured Ceiling Crack Repair

    My guess is that duro-Bond was skimmed on than a watered down mixture of the same product was applied with a hopper gun this made for a quick completion when it was applied.
    To repair you could use a plastering tool called an Angle plane this will cut the texture off and leave it almost smooth than tape cracks skim an retexture.
    Why not fix cracks and skim the ceiling smooth.
    I would use Master of Plaster, smooth out with the base and skim with the finish this will leave a smooth white finish.

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    Default Re: Textured Ceiling Crack Repair

    the popcorn ceilings of the 60's were a very course popcorn (sharp edges not rounded like todays) similar to split popcorn that we use today. yes it is very hard and this isn't due to any other factor then just the way it is. to get a texture match to what is existing is not hardly going to be possible. so it is going to be either sc**** it off totally, reskim and then respray. or caulk the cracks. caulk will usually yellow as time goes on and becomes very noticable.

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