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    Exclamation Installing Gutters!!!

    I am about to install a rain gutter on the front of my house. I would like to go all the way across, approx 30ft, without installing drainage spouts. I would like to only install one at the end. Is this ok? Can i cover this distance with only one drain pipe? I dont want them to fill up and run over, or worse fall down! lol

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    Default Re: Installing Gutters!!!

    I have 66 feet of gutter on one side of my ranch style house draining into one downspout. The gutter company used commercial sized downspouts (their suggestion), which are bigger than standard 3" x 4". In retrospect, I think this was overkill and a mistake. Even in the most torrid rain I have never seen them anywhere close to overwhelmed, and if you need pieces of this size (like if you damage it by weed wacking or want to install a rain water collection system) they are hard to get.

    So, yes, you can drain it into one downspout, and in my opinion a regular sized one will work.



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