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    Question Well Pump Water Pressure

    We purchased a home that is 8 years old, but it sat empty for 2 years before we purchased it. The home has three floors and we are having a problem with the water pressure on the top (3rd) floor. The toilet, and sink are fine, it's just the shower/tub. When the water is running it just drizzles. After running the water for 10 mintues, there is a slight increase in pressure, but then it returns to a drizzle after about 30 seconds. We have noticed on our well pump in the basement that the pressure is only at 32...Is that too low or are we looking at something else possibly being the problem?

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    Default Re: Well Pump Water Pressure

    I'd think that if the sink in that bath were fine than the showerhead or valve may be blocked or clogged. Unscrew the head from the shower arm and check that flow. Good flow- it's the head Bad flow- shut the water off and pull the valve apart. While your at it make sure there are no shutoffs directly to shower that maybe partially closed, some even have shutoffs on the valves themselves. Have someone turn on the water and blast stuff out for a sec.


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