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    Question Vinyl Tile Floor Question

    We have recently installed a Vinyl Tile Floor 12x12 squares on old concrete (30+ years old). We had carpet, but the dogs were having too many accidents for carpet. The floor look great, but the dogs are still using this area.... Any suggestions other than get rid of the dogs.... Would a sealant be good for the vinyl? and if so what kind? I live in a humid part of the southeast.

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    The dogs are likely going back to that area out of habit. Short of getting rid of the dogs or tossing them outside is to retrain them on where to go potty. Make a point to take them outside immediately after feeding and give them the command to "go potty". With diligence on your part, you can get them not only to go outside for their business, but also to do their business on command, which is great when putting them out one last time before bed or when traveling.
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    It's a battery powered electric jolt to deter dogs and cats from going where we don't want them to. Humane. Recommended to me by a pet psychologist!

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