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    Default Bullnose drywall and Radius Corner basboard

    I just recently gutted and remodeled my first home.. decided to go with bullnose outside corners for drywall since I gutted everything and it all now matches...

    Although now that I'm trying to trim and add baseboard, Im running into problems finding locally and even ******, a place that sells the corner radius pieces directly to a consumer.

    Has anyone had experience finding and putting up baseboard around bullnosed corners?

    It's the 3/4 bullnose.

    Obviously Im striking out since Im putting a message up on ATOH website...


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    Default Re: Bullnose drywall and Radius Corner basboard

    i assume you mean big box store like lowes and depot? looked and they dont have the bullnose radius corners... just the 90 corner blocks...

    i want to also avoid the whole mitering hard angles in.. if you follow this link:

    this is what I ideally would like to run with, since it will be a smooth seemless look i assume...

    FYI: i did contact them directly and thus is why im at a standstill asking for advice..

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    Default Re: Bullnose drywall and Radius Corner basboard

    Find a door and millwork supplier in your area, they should have the radius corners in stock for the trim. One little issue, however, you should buy your trim and the corner pieces from the same place, you'll have a higher likelihood of the two pieces being close to the same profile.

    Millwork is just a fancy name for trim and molding.
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