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    Default Oscillating tool for stripping paint?

    Anyone ever use a Dremel or Fein oscillating tool for removing paint from floor and ceiling moldings? Dear Wife is working too hard I believe on our 1911 Craftsman and it would be worth the $$ for a power tool to help.


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    Default Re: Oscillating tool for stripping paint?

    I haven't used for stripping, but I posted my experiences with the Fein in your other thread about the trim.
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    Default Re: Oscillating tool for stripping paint?

    The best way that I've found to strip is to just break out a good, old-fashioned, toxic/corrosive chemical stripper. Use a sc****r for flat areas, and fine-grit steel wool for curvy/carved areas.

    The problem with a dremel-type tool that I foresee is that you could easily sand wood off with the paint, obliterating the detail work, or creating gouges - it would take a lot less attention to detail to use the steel wool.

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