Joseph I am trying to reply to you but the forum wont let me. I am another TOH fan and collector. Please email me itguy2850 at yahoocom

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I just finished digitizing two seasons from VHS copies purchased on eBay, Watertown and Billerica. A few years back, I found a VHS copy of the Manchester season on eBay, and digitized that too. I'm always looking for more seasons to add to my collection, but these VHS copies are getting harder and harder to find; and, I've never seen a DVD set, so as far as I'm concerned they never existed.

On average, these three seasons cost me about US$75 each, not counting shipping. I obviously would be happy to pay this much for new DVD issues of old seasons, or even current ones. Heck, if there's any new old stock VHS seasons sitting in a WGBH warehouse somewhere, I'd be happy to pay these prices for those, too. Anything for more This Old House.

Also, if anyone has old VHS seasons and wants them digitized, I would be happy to do it, and send the tapes and digital files back, just for the chance to watch them during the digitizing process. Just get in touch.