Hi Bob The Cartoonist and welcome to the forum. Like most of us here, we'd love to buy complete TOH seasons on DVD if they were available. People here have been tremendously helpful and friendly in my own search for historical recordings of these brilliant shows. Anyway, I couldn't find how to post you a private message so here will have to do - I am in the process of creating a series of DVD covers for these series so please let me know and I'd be pleased to provide those for you if it helps. I can be reached at seriph@consultant.com

BTW everyone, I have here numerous seasons of TOH on ORIGINAL PROPRIETARY VHS tapes. As I know you'd all appreciate, I paid a small fortune for some of the rarest seasons and had no intention of reselling them, but as some of you know, the bushfires in our region in February (Kilmore, Victoria, Australia) resulted in the loss of our business so I have gathered them together to prepare them for sale on eBay next month. So, look out for them or contact me for a list....same email as above.

Thanks folks and thanks again to all those who have helped me in the past ... if we work together, we will ensure a record is maintained of this brilliant show, even if the producers refuse to assist us, or even give us the courtesy of an explanation as to why they are unable to take probably several hundred thousands of our dollars (or more) for DVD sets of the show.