I'm getting sick of this. I've been a fan since the show started. I would buy every season once it became available on DVD. If this is truly about the "royalties" for Bob Vila, Steve Thomas, Norm Abrams, Tom Silva, and the rest of the gang I say shame on them...work it out children. They've all reaped huge rewards from doing the show...give it all to charity...Habitat For Humanity or whatever. I'm starting to get the feeling that they've gone elitist on us and have forgotten who made them celebrities in the first place.

Whoever is controlling the show is doing a poor, poor job. I live in LA, one of the biggest TV markets in the country and I can't find the new project on TV anywhere. KCET seems to have abandoned the whole franchise including Ask This Old House & The New Yankee Workshop. KOCE is in deep financial trouble and are in perpetual beg-a-thon mode. Good luck getting any info from their respective websites too. DIY Network does show reruns but they're of the same frickin projects over & over & over again. At least when HGTV had the series they showed reruns from every era.

I miss the older shows...Bob Vila trudging through the snow, complaining about a messy jobsite and always bitchin about the cost of things, The pumpkin house...how many of you remember the pumpkin house and the Summer Beam disaster.

Anyway...that's my rant, I'm sure it won't do any good. Maybe we should organize a massive letter writing campaign or start a website called ThisOldHouseSucksCauseItIgnoresItsFans.com