I have a 6.8 acres, but only maintain about 2 acres. The reason for only maintaining 2 acres is two-fold. One we jsut finaly got a riding mower after nearly 2 years in this house. Mowing with a manual push more was not fun, but a heck of a work out. The other issue is the previous owner we're told dumped a lot of trash in the yard, so as we cut brush down we have to be carefule because ther isn't jsut your typical trash, bu hunks of scrap metal and wood.

Anyway, my big issue is with what I am maintaining. I have bare patches, OK patches with some weeds, then nice patches with lush green grass. Oh, and plenty of gopher mounds, but that's another issue. I dream of a lawn that's full, mostly weed free (I'm realistic knowing that much lawn is going to have a few weeds), but green. As the seasons turn here I'm thinking of renting an airator (spelling is like horse shoes, close enough is good enough), and buing a few bags of seed, but I want to know if it's worth the effort or expense.

Any thoughts are apprechiated.

Thanks and have a nice day.