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    Default Toilet won't flush

    The toilet in question is in the master bath and is less than a year old. After it's been sitting for a while I flush it and the water evacuates the bowl but there isn't the normal gurgle that you get when the toilet completely flushes. After the water closet fills up and I reflush it, no water leaves the bowl. It seems that it might overflow but doesn't. I've tried using a plunger without success and I also used a toilet auger several times, on luck. The auger is the big one that 32 - 36" long. This toilet has been working fine until recently. The prior toilet was replaced due to a similar issue. The home warranty company we use said it was due to clogging of the holes due to hard water causing the water not to circulate fast enough. There is plenty of pressure in the new toilet. The plumber who replaced the toilet said that he couldn't see any evidence of hard water clogging. It hope you can help. We aren't having any trouble with the other two toilets, one of which came with the house when it was built 25 yrs ago.

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    Default Re: Toilet won't flush

    It sounds like you have a clog in the waste pipe or the vent is clogged. A toilet snake doesn't go down the drain far enough and thee vent would probably need to be cleared from the roof. Chances are that it is the waste pipe and the first flush fills the line so the second has no where to go.
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