Had my asphalt driveway repaved last year and had seal coating sprayed last week. When they came to seal coat I put my car in the garage and shut the garage door thinking that any odor would stay mainly outside. Was told that I could drive on my newly seal coated driveway in 24 hours. So the next day I went to the garage to pull out my car and the odor in both the car and garage was out of this world. One walk through the garage and my whole body and clothes smelled terribly. A minute or two in the garage would immediately make me feel like vomiting, give a headache, make me dizzy, eyes burning, and throat hoarse. Its an odor I never smelled before that was so potent. I tried leaving the garage door open daily hoping to rid the odor and sprayed neutralizing deodorent to no avail as the odor is very, very strong. My car is not driveable yet as the smell is in it the same and am leaving the windows open around the clock to air it out. The smell is now continuing to seep through the house.
Any suggestions as to what I may buy or do to get rid of this toxic and strong smelling odor would be very gratefully appreciated.