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    Does anyone have any advice about brad guns? I have been looking for one for a while and I can't decide what is best. I would use it for a variety of uses: trim work, craft projects, etc. What is best: 15 gauge? 16 gauge? 18 gauge? What about brad size? Is it better to get one that shoots more sizes (3/4 - 2 1/2) or one that is more specialized (5/8 - 1 1/4)? What is the best brand? Any advice you can give would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I really like my Senco brad nailer. It shoots up to 1-5/8" brads, not sure of the gauge. I like it better than the finish nailer because it shoots a smaller gauge nail, which means a smaller hole to fill/be seen when done. I've had a few occasions where a longer brad would be nice, but for the most part, if 1-5/8" isn't enough, you really should be using a larger nail/nail gun anyway.
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    I differ with jkirk, I use a 15 ga for trim and crown. Its closer in size to the finish nails you would use if you didn't have a nailer, holds better and you don't have to supplement with glue. 18 ga for small moldings or retainers while glue is drying. Pin nailer for small hobby work. Probably starting out one of the combo kits with a compressor and 3 nailers would be the way to go. When working with expensive lumber I use a Bostitch oil-less so there is never any chance of over spray of oil on the surface.
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