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    Default drip sound within my walls

    I hear a drip inside my walls behind the main bathroom, however, the washer/dryer closet is directly behind that wall and the second bathroom is also. Where should I start? By the way the house is a 39 yo slab home. The laundry closet was redesigned aprox 1 yr ago at which time the washer/dryer lines were relocated. I really need the least expensive as well as least demo solution or starting point.

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    Default Re: drip sound within my walls

    Howdy have someone help you try an locate the source. Any idea when it leaks. First try turning off the main water supply and listen -drip stops. Then it is a supply leak and not a waste line leak. If drip is not constant then try one at a time turning on an off the water at each plumbing fixture and listen for leak this can rule out a whole bunch of plumber time. Good luck.

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