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    Default Change grout color?

    My wife chose white grout to go with white hexagonal tile, and now regrets the choice. Is there a way to "stain" the grout a different color?

    To top it off, all has been sealed.


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    Default Re: Change grout color?

    I believe the only proper way would be to remove the old grout and put down new grout the color you want. As has been discussed several times on the forum I would suggest you go to Fein Mutimaster arrow down and watch the grout removal demo.
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    Default Re: Change grout color? suggestions would be sc**** out the old and re-grout. But, I am getting ready to grout my white subway tile in the bathroom and if your wife had a second chance, what grout color would she have used? I was thinking bone?


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    Default Re: Change grout color?

    Removing & regrouting is considered the only 'right' way. However, I recalled seeing that someone does make a dye for this. So I just did a search for "grout dye" and filled the screen! Check this out for yourself.

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