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    Default Storage of oak table leaf

    What is the proper way to store an oak table leaf? I have been told to store it laying flat. I have a small house and have a difficult time finding the room to store it flat. I have seen tables made with built-in leaf storage and the leaf was stored on it's side. So I'm a little confused about what is right and can't find anything ****** that give me a definite answer. Can anyone help me?

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    Default Re: Storage of oak table leaf

    A 5 or 6 foot length can be stored standing up, however you do not want to store it with anything against it that would cause it to bow. Store the leave standing as vertically as possible. The back of a coat closet, behind the coats, where it's trapped against the wall should do you fine.
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    Default Re: Storage of oak table leaf

    If you have carpeting or can wrap it up in some type of cloth, just store it under the couch.

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    Default Re: Storage of oak table leaf

    May I suggest, if it fits, lay it on the floor under your bed. Most folks I know store their DR table leaf under their beds.
    It may or may not fit, depending length of bed. Or lay it lengthwise against wall, behind sofa???

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