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    Talking Green growth overtaking deck

    Hi, I have green mold or mildew overtaking my decking and concrete.

    How can I discourage it's growth without painting over it? Lysol?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Default Re: Green growth overtaking deck

    Don't use bleach. Bleach should never be used on porous surfaces, as it's 95% water - which what molds/mildews need to grow. It will will only temporarily work. There are commercial products available at big box stores. After that, might try a water sealer to make your deck not so permeable. Let it dry out really good first.
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    Default Re: Green growth overtaking deck

    Quick run.......
    Colorox 10 parts to 90 parts water kills mold. Weed sprayer works well. Or call a carpet cleaning/Restoration company they have lots of fungicide that they use and get a bid or have them sell ya some as its pennies for materials.o

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