As a "starter home" first time repairer, I have looked at how-to-books and whatever videos I can find. I am having problems with 2 separate doors. FRENCH DOOR- it's rubbing at the top corner,(one door is locked in place) but the bottom has a large gap, enough to see daylight easily. It was suggested to me to remove some of the original screws and replace with longer ones. I changed a couple, but it didn't help much. I've thought about putting cardboard behind the hinge like the 'TOH' video suggested, but the door gets lots of wind and rain from the southwest...and will it saturate the cardboard so I repeatedly have to replace it? The 2nd door- exterior door ("people door") into garage- The door latches shut but I can push it open with a gentle nudge( without turning the handle). I'm on my knees now,watching repeatedly, the opening/closing of the door, and it doesn't appear that the metal piece that the latch fits into is in an incorrect position.In fact, it lines up very nicely.