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    Question Water filtration systems???

    My fiancée and I have been considering installing a water filtration system in our new house. For several years we have been struggling with messy Britta containers and other gadgets that don’t stay properly attached to the kitchen sink. We have looked at a lot of water filtration systems ****** (reverse osmosis, water softeners, etc,) however there seem to be a lot to choose from. Does anyone have any advise on a good water system that we may possibly install?

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    Default Re: Water filtration systems???

    Howdy, just reading about this issue. The whole house system installed next to the main if accessible is a good choice so all the fixtures are filtered. Thus no iron deposits on the toilets tubs.. and this also cuts down on potential blockages of the straining screens on the fixtures and dishwasher. I am going to add one to our place bub am going to install it after the lines to the oustide spigots do not need to fitlered. The other idea is use non paper filtering cartridges.

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    Default Re: Water filtration systems???

    What are you worried about filtering out would be the first question to answer. A good next step would be to contact the local health or water department and find out the name of some good testing labs and have your water tested for a range of contaminants (lead, nitrate, fecal coliform, etc.). Then, decide on what, if any, filtering you need.

    For whole-house, we have an OMNI U25 whole house filter right after our well pump. It keeps sediment and rust out, regardless of the filter you use. However, we use the T01, which is wrapped in paper impregnated with activated carbon (activated charcoal), and it does a great job. We have great tasting water and spend only about $20 a year on filters.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Water filtration systems???

    I agree you first need to have the water tested to see what type of filter or treatment you need. Then decide if you want to just filer the water or soften it.
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