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    Post An idea about TOH dvds

    I have enjoyed watching TOH on PBS, but they play the latest projects and what if a viewer really wants to watch a previous home project for example the 2006 Washington D.C. project? I think it would be a great idea (if they haven't already done it) to sell the different projects on dvds and possibly with extras such as before and after photos, floor plans, bloopers,ect. Does anyone agree/disagree with this?

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    thats a great idea! if not all of them at least start at 2000 and work their way up.

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    Talking Re: An idea about TOH dvds

    sounds good to me

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    Exclamation Re: An idea about TOH dvds

    Let's get all of them out NOW!

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    Default Re: An idea about TOH dvds

    I sent an e-mail to TOH over a year ago asking about this. I got an e-mail back to watch the merchandise section. But I've never seen them. I, too, would like to get some DVDs of the shows.

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    I wanted to show my architectural drafting class the series about Austin. I sent an e-mail about a year ago and said my questions about obtaining a DVD about Austin had been forwarded. End of trail.

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    Well, maybe my e-mail was sent about 5-6 months ago.

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