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    Default Washing Machine Overflows

    Help! I moved into my mothers home after she passed way. The home is about 35 years old. As the washing machine is pumping out, it backs up into the drain tube and overflows. My brother advised this problem has existed a long time. I have tried everything, plumbers snake to ensure no blockage, vent clear, installed a diaphram to allow more venting, all to no avail. I am out of ideas. The drain size is 1 1/2 inches. Any ideas??

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    Default Re: Washing Machine Overflows

    As I recall, the drain on a washer is supposed to be 2", and it should at least extend up to the top of the highest point on the washer. When a washer is ejecting the water, it's doing so much faster than the drain can handle, which is why the 2" pipe and the height of the stand pipe, so that there's room for the water to collect while it waits it's turn to go down the drain.
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