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    Default Hose Bib flange?

    My front hose bib is mounted in brick, and the hole in the masonry is larger than that of the standard mounting flange attached to hose bibs. Is there an oversized mounting plate available? Or what are my other options short of hiring a mason? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Hose Bib flange?

    I would be inclined to fasten a decorative plate over the existing hole in the masonry and drill a hole just large enough for the pipe to fit through. The decorative plate will give you a place to attach the hose bib flange to if necessary.

    Where would you get the decorative plate? Anywhere that you can find something suitable. I tend to go to my sheet metal supplier for this type of thing, but you can find sheet good metals at any hardware store or big box store. I would recommend using a non-ferrous metal that won't rust.

    Copper will take on a green patina with age.
    Stainless steel will remain kind of shiny.
    Brass will take on a bronze color patina
    Aluminum will always be gray
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